Recycling and waste management company Powerday is working with Carbon Footprint Ltd and has launched its first Sustainability and Wellness Manifesto to support its aspirations and aims to integrate sustainability throughout its business.

Powerday has already taken steps to measure and minimise the company’s emissions and is working towards net zero across its direct emissions and indirect electricity usage, before extending efforts to address other indirect emissions that Powerday do not control across its value chain.

Recognising the difficulty in decarbonising the company’s fleet, given the current technology for viable electric skip vehicles, Powerday is offsetting fleet emissions with Carbon Footprint Ltd.  The company sees this very much as an initial and interim step while it continues to explore options for heavy electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.  Powerday has also signed up to a REGO certified renewable energy tariff that will be rolled out across all sites later this year.

Carbon Footprint Ltd work with businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and develop true sustainable credentials.  Powerday is currently undergoing an assessment to more accurately understand the company’s current emissions and set out a carbon management programme to reduce these.  The assessment follows the principles outlined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the UK Government’s Guidelines on Greenhouse Gas reporting.

Carbon management is one of five pillars in the company’s newly launched Sustainability Manifesto which outlines how the company is delivering its mission to reduce the environmental impacts of the UK’s waste whilst improving lives of young Londoners through education, employment, and sport.  Powerday will be setting specific and measurable targets for each of the five core pillars – local community, employees, carbon management, clients and procurement – and tracking achievement to deliver progress on sustainability ambitions.

Liam Kearney, Joint Managing Director, Powerday says: “Powerday is committed to being a responsible busines and integrating sustainability to build a cleaner, healthier future.  With a clear sustainability strategy, we are focusing our efforts on the areas where we can have greatest impact and those that are most important to our clients, employees, communities and other stakeholders.  One of these areas is of course addressing climate change and we are delighted to be working with Carbon Footprint Ltd, to not only help us in our journey to net zero but to provide independent verification of our achievements.  Supporting this, our new Sustainability Manifesto demonstrates what we are currently doing to become a more sustainable business, and how we are challenging ourselves in key areas to do better for our clients, employees, communities and the environment. “

Dan Hill-Morriss, from Carbon Footprint Ltd, says: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Powerday to support them in their important commitment towards net zero and helping to address the impact of the business on climate change.  We are excited to progress the great work that has already been achieved in reducing their direct emissions, as well as exploring how we can support their future ambitions.”

Powerday’s Sustainability Manifesto is available here >

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