Clem Spencer

Clem Spencer

Managing Director, Wood Yew Waste

Since his early years Clem has run his own business, starting as a plant owner operator and moving to plant hire and construction and civil engineering.

Clem then moved into waste wood recycling and from a site 50 yards square, began Wood Yew Waste, reprocessing 50 tonnes of waste wood a week in 1999. His dream was to get to 300 tonnes.

Wood Yew Waste now employs 50 people and processes 1,000 tonnes of waste wood per week. The company has held onto its original Norbord contract since conception, and is currently constructing a new four acre site in Plymouth to handle a new biomass contract.

Clem and Wood Yew Waste have been a member of the WRA since its early days and he he is a former Chairman and current deputy Chairman of the Board.

During his time as Chair, Clem appointed a board of directors to represent experience within the industry. Their priority was to have national regulations wood reprocessors could all work to. This work is on-going.

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