Global Recycling Solutions Ltd are delighted to announce that the dynamic Pronar MRW 1.300 single-shaft slow-speed shredder is now available to order on tracks.

The dynamic single-shaft system was designed to be as versatile as possible and can handle a variety of materials including green organic waste, wood, biomass, paper, plastics and films, small scrap and bulky waste. The cutting teeth, combs, beams, screens, and counter-blades can all be configured and customised to suit individual customer specifications. 

The MRW 1.300 makes waste processing more productive by improving both working efficiency and quality of shredding.  It is also ideal for customers looking to produce RDFs, fertilisers, and premium compost, as the high-quality fractions obtained from shredding can be used for further processing.

Safe operation of the shredding system is ensured by the pivoting beam unit with counter-blades, which automatically rejects elements that are too big or impossible for processing, thus protecting the shredder against damage.  The standard mounted electrical reverse system enables the shaft to rotate in any direction without starting the combustion engine.  This allows for any blockages to be removed safely and efficiently. 

Direct transmission of power from the engine to the shaft reduces fuel consumption. To protect the engine, transmission, shaft components and shredding blades, the system uses a hydro-kinetic clutch that absorbs any impacts generated in the transmission unit.

To achieve great efficiency and work without unnecessary downtime for welding, shafts in the MRW 1.300 are manufactured in a unique way.  The cutting of all crucial elements takes place using water jet technology, which does not involve high temperatures, thereby preventing the shafts and cutting tools from changing structure and physicochemical properties.  This makes all the elements very durable and sharp, without the need for special hardening.  

The MRW 1.300 is set on a wheeled chassis, enabling quick transport without using any specialised equipment or need for permits.  Equipped with ABS and traction control systems, which considerably improve safety, the shredder can be transported at a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

The frame was designed to be robust but spacious inside.  Its layout and design allow for performing daily and periodic inspections without any difficulties.  Large doors on each side and a spacious interior provide great access to all crucial elements of the machine. 

When it comes to equipment that is fitted as standard, the MRW 1.300 shredder is a turn-key solution that has everything needed to start work immediately after delivery.  Standard equipment consists of: a central lubrication system eliminating the need for time-consuming greasing, ensuring greasing is never neglected; a remote control which operates all essential features from a safe distance to the machine; reversible fans which prevent the clogging up of the hydraulic oil and engine coolers when the machine is working in harsh environments; work illumination lights, allowing work to carry on when it is getting darker (particularly useful during the winter months) and sound reduction techniques. 

The MRW 1.300 is not only about power, productivity, and size but also about quality and support.  This machine is backed up with exceptional support from both the manufacturer and the dealer.  The partnership between Global Recycling Solutions Ltd and Pronar offers an outstanding service to customers.  Engineers are always available to offer advice and to help optimize the machine to fit customer needs, as well as to carry out servicing and repairs, as necessary.  Often this can be simply giving advice about settings, but the uniqueness of the partnership also means that if there is a need for the design and manufacture of individual machine modifications, Pronar will ensure the machine is perfect for the job.  Global Recycling Solutions Ltd stock an extensive range of spare parts for the machine, all of which are readily available for same day dispatch.  In the unlikely event that there is a part not in stock, Pronar will supply this from their shelves.

To find out more about any of the Pronar range contact our Sales office on 01476 568384, or visit our website

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