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As an industrial shredder specialist celebrating a 50-year heritage – and counting – UNTHA has grown to become the first name on everyones lips when it comes to ground-breaking machines that push throughput, efficiency, and profitability boundaries.

An organisation that started to build its reputation decades ago for its four-shaft shredding capabilities, UNTHA now has six international offices and more than 10,000 extremely varied machines installed on sites across five continents.

UNTHA UK has played a significant part in this journey, and not just because of the equipment the firm sells to waste, recycling, and alternative fuel production companies. Throughout all levels of the company are very vocal spokespeople, passionate about engineering, energy efficiency, and industry progress through innovation. Many colleagues have been with the business for several years, they have authored hundreds of articles between them, and taken to the ‘stage’ worldwide to help operators think differently when it comes to the resource value of their ‘waste’ – most firms have been known to transform the profitability of their operations as a result, not least due to improved capacity, machine uptime, and energy efficiency.

Credible in varied fields including WEEE, metals, tyres, plastics, mattresses, textiles, pulper ropes, confidential, clinical, and hazardous waste shredding, there is almost nothing that UNTHA UK cannot process. However, the company is particularly known in the wood industry.

And whether shredding pallets and waste wood for recycling or biomass production, there are a few notable reasons why.

  • The new UNTHA PS1300 is the ultimate pallet shredding solution – a machine with an extremely small footprint, yet impressive capacity. This rugged and hard-wearing shredder slots neatly into any production facility, and with a 30mm screen, can comfortably process 30 pallets per hour, down to a homogenous chip.
  • The slightly larger yet still compact LRK shredder delivers slow speeds with high torque, for robust, uninterrupted pallet shredding and higher throughputs of up to 2000kg per hour – ideal if operators require more capacity than is possible with the PS1300.
  • At the top end of UNTHA’s shredder range is the globally acclaimed XR shredder, available as either a static or mobile machine. With three key cutting concepts, this technology can handle anything from grade A, B and C wood, tricky mixed C&D waste, and green waste including solid logs. It is also praised for its metal separation success, with the Crapper & Sons project a fantastic case in point.

The new ZR pre-shredder was also unveiled at UNTHA UKs four-day showcase last year. Of likely particular interest to WRA members, is the ZR2400H, which has been engineered for the high throughput, rough shredding of waste wood, railway sleepers, and other bulky material streams. The goal for this model is volume reduction (90% <300mm), material breakdown for further treatment, and alternative fuel production. This cutting system is therefore perfect for operators in the biomass and energy recovery industries, MRFs, and waste disposal firms.

Committed to maximising customersreturn on investments – whether the brief is volume reduction or alternative fuel production – UNTHA UK is as renowned for its services as it is its shredders. They offer a range of aftersales support packages, to help continually optimise the running conditions of customersmachines, large and small, not to mention flexible finance to make even the most ambitious investments possible.

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