The Wood Recyclers’ Association has been shortlisted for an award in The Association Excellence Awards 2021, for its work supporting members during the first Covid lockdown last year.

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted in the category for “Best Membership Support During Covid-19 (under 800 Members)” in these national awards, which recognise, celebrate and encourage the work of associations, trade organisations, unions and industry bodies to ensure their members’ voices are heard.

Our entry covers the work we did to increase communications with members during the first lockdown last year, and in particular the lobbying and PR campaign that took place to ensure the safe reopening of HWRCs as quickly as possible.

Richard Coulson, Chair of the WRA, said the lockdown had posed an unprecedented set of circumstances for the WRA in which we had to change the way we worked and the focus of our work very quickly.

“This time last year it is fair to say the country, and the WRA, was in shock. We had never lived through anything like this before and we had to think on our feet as to how best we could support our membership while dealing with so many unknown and rapidly changing factors. It became apparent very quickly that our recycling members had had their raw material  supply virtually decimated overnight with the closure of HWRCs, and it was then we realised where our initial focus had to turn to.”

The WRA set up an Executive Team who met daily on video calls to keep abreast of the changing circumstances nationally and then consider and plan the actions required. Their work included spearheading a PR campaign, as well as behind the scenes lobbying, to explain why the reopening of HWRCs was so critical to the industry. Within three weeks DEFRA had changed its position and was encouraging HWRCs to reopen in a safe manner.

” I am delighted that the work done by the WRA, and in particular our executive team, has been recognised by being shortlisted for this award,” said Richard. “It is a first for the association to enter itself in for an award and I feel proud to have been a part of that.”

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