A&A Recycling Services is an expanding and innovative waste management company. It was established in the 1990s and its core business was the repair, production and sale of pallets, as well as wood recycling. In 2001, it was purchased by A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products and the focus is now on the processing of waste wood into products for the panel board and biomass fuel sectors.
The business’s footprint covers the whole of the North West and Midlands, and it operates three facilities in the Midlands, from which it collects and treats products from sectors ranging from the building industry to local councils. The wood products are processed by utilising slow and high speed shredders, eddy-current separators and various screening technologies to achieve the processed material.

A&A Recycling Services can use a fleet of more than 700 vehicles, including the trademark A&A Recycling waste wood container vehicles and the largest walking floor fleet in the country. It also has access to 14 other dedicated waste wood sites across the UK and dozens of other sites operated by A.W. Jenkinson family of companies. Located close to arterial transport routes, these facilities collect and process wood waste from a variety of industries such as Waste Management Companies, Municipalities and Commercial sectors.

The business has recently undergone a significant reorganisation and expansion programme, which has driven growth as well as investment, but delivering a quality product and optimum service for its customers remains at its core.

For more information, see www.aanarecycling.co.uk.

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