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Where can I take my waste wood?
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What happens to my wood if I send it to a recycler?

Wood recyclers vary in the ranges of products they make from waste wood but the most common products are feedstock for panel board, animal beddings (from clean wood) and biomass fuel. Each recycler will be able to give you more information on their products if you contact them directly.

Is recycling my wood cheaper than sending it to landfill?
Wood recyclers charge a gate fee per tonne to take your wood from you. These will vary around the country and at different times of year but in the majority if not all cases, gate fees remain a cheaper option than landfill.
Do wood recyclers take any waste wood?
Each recycler will be able to give you a breakdown of what they can accept but most will be unable to accept hazardous wood. See question below for more information.
Where can I dispose of hazardous waste wood?

The majority of our members are not licensed to take hazardous waste. There are a couple of specialist companies that deal with this:

CSG – Visit Website 

Trackwork – Visit Website

 Alternatively most waste management companies can take hazardous waste. 

What benefits are there to joining the WRA?

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How can I get a copy of your Wood Recycling magazine?

You can view the magazine online using this link

Plevin has been a member of the WRA for over 10 years. We experience numerous benefits to membership both socially and professionally. The regular meeting forums provide great networking opportunities and enable us to interact with colleagues within the industry to share learning and build stronger working relationships.

Meetings are informative and reflect the key issues which the industry faces on a day to day basis.

Having the backing of an industry body means that we’re not one voice among many. The problems we face are common throughout the industry. It turns out we are not alone in experiencing our issues, and there are many likeminded people that we can discuss the issues with, and reach sensible conclusions.

Graham Hobson, Finance Director, Plevin

It’s essential to have an industry body which represents its members at all levels to ensure we can continue to operate our businesses successfully. The WRA does just that.

Amanda Snowie, Scot Heating Company

The idea behind the WRA was to give the wood recycling industry a voice so we could lobby government and work collaboratively with them to influence legislation and regulations. We have achieved that and beyond. It’s fantastic to see the WRA going from strength to strength.

Geoff Hadfield, founder of Hadfield Wood Recyclers (now Enva) and founding member and former chair of the WRA

When we formed the WRA the packaging waste regulations were coming into play and were very complex which was one of the main reasons we started it. Since then the WRA has continued to do a great job and I’m delighted it’s doing as well as it is.

Michael Tracey MBE, founding chairman of the WRA

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