Sylvagen Ltd

Unit F, First Floor, The Old Winery,
Lamberhurst Vineyard
Furnace Lane
Charlie Jones
Founded in 2018 by Charlie Jones, in a joint venture with A.W. Jenkinson’s, Sylvagen was established to offer comprehensive waste recycling and recovery strategy. Following rapid expansion, Sylvagen has become an independent market leader within the renewable, recycling and biomass sectors in the UK and Europe.

Our relationship with A.W. Jenkinson Transport gives us access to a significant number of vehicles. This makes it possible for us to collect materials from all over the UK.

In addition to our UK movements, our knowledgeable team have a wealth of experience to facilitate cross-border movements in Europe. Whether by haulage or shipment by sea, our team can take care of the logistics and documentation to enable the smooth running of international waste wood movements.

To meet the demands of the industry, Sylvagen established a processing yard and moved to Tilbury in July 2020. Equipped with latest equipment to process a range of materials. Sylvagen also offers the hire of our equipment to help our customers meet their shredding and chipping needs, which includes operation by our skilled engineers.

Sylvagen is dedicated to promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions generating tomorrow’s resources from today’s waste.

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