A. W. Jenkinson Forest Products

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A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products was formed in the mid-1960s when founder Allan Jenkinson, took the initiative to collect unwanted sawdust and wood shavings from the sawmills around Cumbria and the Borders using a single tractor and trailer.

He then transported the timber co-product to the area’s farms where sawdust was, and still is, in great demand as livestock and pet bedding.

This innovative approach has characterised the work of Allan and his team in the intervening years and has remained an important part of the business ever since. Demand outstripped the locally available supply of sawdust needed to supply A.W. Jenkinson Forest Product’s growing customer base. This led to partnerships being formed further afield, rapidly growing the business which now supplies customers across the UK and northern Europe.

To better serve the targeted needs of its extensive third party customer base, as well as the ongoing and expanding transport requirements of the wider A.W. Jenkinson group, the logistics operation was incorporated in spring 2014 to create A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited. A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited is one of the UK’s largest providers of haulage, distribution and logistics services.

The Company remains wholly owned by Allan Jenkinson and is run by a board of directors who take day to day responsibility for the successful operation of the business – their wealth of experience ensuring the provision of efficient, reliable, cost-effective logistics, with a swift and professional service guaranteed.

Today A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products and its associated businesses handle over 4 million tonnes of timber co-products each year, collected from forestry sites, sawmills and other wood processing industries throughout the UK. A.W. Jenkinson’s services link forestry, sawmilling, wood processing, building and demolition sectors with the demands of pulp, paper and panel manufacture, energy generation, agriculture, horticulture and amenity markets in an environmentally responsible cycle.

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