Eco Sustainable Solutions was formed in 1993 by Managing Director Trelawney Dampney. He had the vision to start the business after a friend visited Germany where he saw a company collect garden waste and turn it into compost.

Trelawney had a light bulb moment and shortly afterwards Eco opened its doors and started to compost garden waste from across Dorset, selling it back to local landscapers, many of which remain customers to this day.

From those small beginnings 24 years ago, the company experienced rapid growth as the environmental and social demand for sustainable resource management increased. Local authority waste recycling contracts followed and now, in 2017, the company processes green waste, food waste, waste wood, and soils and aggregates, offering one of the widest ranges of organic recycling solutions available in the UK.

With recycling and the production of quality end-products remaining at the heart of the business, Eco has more recently taken huge strides into the renewable energy sector. In 2012 it opened an anaerobic digestion facility at Piddlehinton, near Dorchester, followed by hosting the UK’s largest solar farm in 2015 on the land surrounding its headquarters near Bournemouth.

This year, on the same site, Eco has opened a combined heat and power biomass facility.  The £6 million plant is capable of burning around 10,000 tonnes of oversize material annually, taken from its successful compost operation. The energy generated from the plant will be used to power the site, with any excess fed into the National Grid.

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