Animal bedding manufacturer, easibedding, has announced it has reached a significant milestone having now manufactured over a third of a million tonnes of its recycled wood poultry bedding product, easichick.

The company, which is owned by Enva, has recently seen significantly increased demand driven by the efforts of UK poultry farmers to combat the spread of avian influenza. This has resulted in many of the UK’s largest commercial poultry producers prioritising beddings that are manufactured and transported in a completely biosecure environment. According to Enva, rigorous testing of easichick has shown the bedding to have zero counts for; Moulds, Salmonella sp., Pseudomonas, Aspergillus sp, Avian Influenza and Enterobacteriaceae.

In addition to its animal health benefits, the fact that easichick is manufactured from 100% clean recycled wood also makes it highly sustainable both environmentally and commercially, according to the company. Spent bedding can be spread on farmland and grassland as part of an organic farming system, with the Organic Farmers & Growers Association accreditation. It can also be used as a fuel at poultry litter approved power stations.

Tim Price, easibedding’s Managing Director, said: “Defra Minister, Mark Spencer, recently emphasised that biosecurity is vital if farmers are to keep flocks safe and prevent the spread of the avian influenza virus. He also went on to specifically highlight the importance of poultry bedding and that every effort should be made to ensure this was kept clean when stored as bales outside.

“easibedding has been working with UK commercial poultry farmers for over 15 years to develop a consistent quality of bedding that provides biosecurity, flock health and wellbeing and efficiency to help improve yields. We are delighted to have reached this manufacturing milestone and look forward to continuing to support UK poultry farmers as we move into the new year.”

The health and wellbeing benefits of easichick are not limited to biosecurity, according to Enva, which says that the product displays several other welfare enhancing properties including being absorbent and free draining and holding improved thermal properties.

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