WRA member Fireward is celebrating after its manufacturing partner Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd, achieved the prestigious P-Mark SPCR199 standard for fire suppression heavy equipment vehicles.

The company, which manufactures Fireward’s automatic suppression systems, received the highest score possible, with an A+. Reacton is the first and only company in the world to receive this score. The merit was awarded by RISE – the leading vehicle accreditation safety body.

The achievement means that Fireward is unique in being able to offer an accredited fire suppression system that meets the stringent requirements demanded by the heavy equipment market.

Ed Barnes, CEO and Founder of Reacton said: “This is a huge achievement for Reacton and I am massively proud of the team here who have worked tirelessly over the past few years to make this happen.

“For Reacton to be the first and only company in the world to achieve P-Mark SPCR199, combined with the A+ score, is a massive triumph for our business, our industry and our customers. Even though we say our products are the most reliable fire suppression systems available in the market, this third-party RISE accreditation gives our customers the same confidence we always had.

“For the wood recycling industry, heavy equipment such as material handlers and shredders often work in remote and demanding environments. This increases the risk of fire especially in environments where external debris such as wood and other combustible materials can enter the engine bay. This can often lead to hidden fires which most automatic fire suppression systems are unable to extinguish,” added Ed.

“The P-Mark SPCR199 accreditation means that wood recycling operators can be 100% confident that if Fireward’s automatic fire suppression systems are installed in their heavy equipment vehicles will be protected day and night, 24/7 365.”

Fireward is one of the fastest growing specialist distributors and installers of Automatic Fire Suppression technologies in the UK and globally, delivering cost effective solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Fireward has built a level of trust not only with key suppliers within the UK, but with its valued customer base in relation to the installation, maintenance and ongoing service required to ensure their fire suppression unit delivers protection and peace of mind 24/7.

To find out more about how Fireward can protect your wood recycling heavy equipment assets in the UK, visit www.fireward.co.uk.

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