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Elite Precast Concrete
Elite Precast Concrete is one of the leading manufacturers of low-cost precast concrete products in the UK. The business combines the highest levels of customer service with the aim of always being the best value option.

Precast concrete interlocking blocks

We offer three types of free-standing interlocking blocks – Legato™, Duo™, and Vee™. Each one is cast from premium quality, high strength (50N/mm2) concrete and incorporates its own integral lifting system.

None of our blocks contain any recycled materials and so they are thereforeClass A1 Fire Resistant in accordance with clause of EN 13369. They have a design life of over 100years.

Ideal storage bays for wood chip or pre-recycled wood

Our interlocking concrete blocks are the perfect choice for the construction of bays in which ‘pre-recycled wood’ or ‘wood chip’ is stored. The construction method is quick, cost-effective, and the final result provides an excellent solution for the storage and segregation of bulk materials. 
Using our precast interlocking blocks to construct material storage bays has a number of advantages:
·         Fast construction & installation
·         Strong, tough and durable 
·         Cost-effective
·         Portable – bays can be easily dismantled and relocated
·         Flexible – easily change the size or layout of bays

Testing for quality

The quality and consistency of our products is something we take very seriously. We operate within an approved BS EN 1917 quality system.

Service and delivery

We regularly keep over 3,000 blocks in stock. This allows, in most cases, for delivery times of between 24 and 48 hours from receipt of your order throughout the UK.
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